Tuesday, 20 September 2011

First week in Kathmandu, an Eye Opener

Where do I begin?  Wanting to come home the 2nd day,  the earthquake, the TD,  visiting Sundar Dhoka, attending KICC, going grocery shopping with Bikash, visiting the monkey temple?  Ok, I'm exhausted already!

When we arrived we stayed at the beautiful Summit Hotel for 2 nights and our first connection meeting was at KISC.   Here I connected with Lise Malta who is a med student from Calgary and took a year off of school to do research and work oversees. She will also be renting our home in Calgary when she returns.  Lise is a wonderful young woman with a servant heart.  We brought along part of her life long collection of stuffies to be donated to the children's ward in Tansen.

From dropping Lise off at her guest house we carried on to Sundar Dhoka Seta Sewa's construction site. This is where I started to get a bit nervous as we had to cross a road, called the Ring Road. It was absolute mayhem to me.  As I processed this later in my brain, I thought and told John, 'You are going to die in Nepal'.You are not allowed to cross that road on foot.  I must have been overwhelmed with the place because I was ready to turn around and go home.  The roads are terrible, if you can call them roads; they are paths meant for walkers and bicycles.  Calgary's bike trails are wider I'm sure!  I will never complain about bad roads again!! (don't quote me on that one).  I had a nap after that and woke up numb.  We went out for pizza.  By this time I'm starting to get TD.  Stomach is unsettled and yes a few extra trips to the bathroom, and I've only been eating food at westernized establishments and drinking bottled water.

I don't know where I am in days but on the 15th we get to move into our apartment.  If we can get the door open.  Different locks, 2 men, 1 Bikash.  "Bikash you gave us the wrong keys".  Bikash, "those are the only keys that Geoff & Jenny gave me."  Finally the engineers!! get it figured out!  We're in.  The men plunk themselves down on chairs.  I take charge. Now, I'm the boss and order John to assist me.  This is my new home.  We need internet, propane, groceries, water, and where do I get all these?  Thankfully all information is passed on from Geoff & Jenny, the previous tenants.  Internet is ordered, someone will come in a few hours.  Bikash will order a taxi and take me to 3 different grocery stores.  We try for propane, not today, maybe tomorrow.  We have a small electric oven so can make due to cook and electric kettles.  Water:  the water from the tap is not safe.  We have a filter; when has it been cleaned?  We must boil all water (no propane). We have another water candle filter system.  I think I'll stop now because I should go and boil some water!  We did get propane yesterday the 19th.  I'm off to cook some supper.  Namaste and I did feel the earth move under my feet. 


  1. wow mama i am so so happy to hear you genuinely meet these human obstacles. So many humans and cars. so hard to comprehend or to process. that will come in a very short amount of time. and already a trip to the local markets.

    Wow so crazy a first week and an earthquake. I am sure you have felt the earth move under your feet in so many ways.

    Namaste to you as well dear mother
    The spirit in me respects the spirit in you
    so beautiful you are using this

  2. I think this should be a daily blog:)