Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday, a day of rest??

The plan for the day was to go to church and the bank, which we did.  We had lunch at the Road House Cafe which may become a favorite spot.  The claim is, it's the best pizza in Kathmandu and the decor is unique.
margerhita pizza

me at the Road House Cafe
 So after lunch we head for the bank, this is all on foot you know.  You are patted down when you go to the bank here. There is a lady guard for ladies and all purses and back packs are opened and viewed. The line up was not long today but it all takes time.  We picked up our cheque book and online banking info but no debit cards today.  Tomorrow!  So we leave the bank and cross the busy road and have a coffee on the corner of the Jawalakhel round-about. 
Jawalakhel round about


 Now we are on our way home down the Polchowk road. I spot a fabric shop (I have been looking at kurtas) and have been quite impressed with the fashion.  The younger gals are wearing modern clothes. Most of the fabrics and depending how fancy you want to go...are gorgeous! Now to make a decision.. and John waits patiently for me, he had tried to help me : )  They are having a sale as well, not much, 10%, but hey a saving is a saving. I've already got a ready made one picked out for the colder months, it's black and red.  I have been told they will charge 200 - 250 rupees to have it sewn. That is like $3 canadian. Unreal.  Now I just have to find a tailor.  It's a 3 pc. outfit; top,pants and shawl.  I'm hoping there is enough material in the smaller print for another kurta instead of the pants.  Many women are just wearing pants (like ours or with jeans) with their tunic style tops (kurta).

Okay, now we are on our way home, except we stop on the way to another grocery just to pick up a few things. We were introduced to tonic water and lemon squash. It is very refreshing.  Off again, but we must pick up some bread at our Secret bakery and see what other goodies she has prepared.  I want it all. For our treat we pick up a cinnamon/nutmeg hardish square.  She also sells the local cheese and avocados from their garden, we purchase those too.  I see from my balcony what looks like basil in her garden; it is! I ask if she sells it, she sells pesto.  Ah, next time. This little fellow lives beside the bakery and knew what a camera was and his mother let us take his picture. Ah, life in Kathmandu and that was the rest of the day. Namaste

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  1. Your little neighbor is cute! And tell John he should eat his crusts...tsk tsk. There are hungry kids in 3rd world countries you know!