Friday, 23 September 2011

TGIF in Kathmandu

our neighborhood

statue at end of road marking our neighborhood (we don't know who it is yet...Bruce said Jacky Chan!)
Friday: Our Internet or server went down last night (where does it go exactly??) so we waited until 10:30 for our provider to come by to fix it.  We have been out and about since noonish on.  I (we) walked to the bank which I thought was far and it wasn't. I stopped in at Saleways supermarket, checked out the prices; chatted with Bina,who remembered John from yesterday when he was looking for a ladies umbrella!  Now she knew there was a lady to go with him.  Very sweet gal. When we got to the bank, it was closed!  Closes at 1 pm on Fridays.(would of made it if I hadn't stopped at Saleways). We were to pick up our new Nepalese debit cards.  Oh well, another day. Went to the ATM  (at the bank) there is only one machine so the line up can be long.  We took out money from our Canadian account; it all works! Stopped in at a Pharmacy, I now wear a mask!  The air pollution is bad here and I am already coughing. It feels like I have a full head (sinuses) most of the time. I'm feeling pretty good with all this walking so far; someone had told be about Namaste supermarket so I checked out the the store and the prices. Quite a lovely store and while exiting; we were asked to try Knorr mushroom or chicken soup and give an opinion."Good".  My big purchase from Namaste's was a red mug for 60 NR. (not quite a dollar cdn.)  If you know me, I love the color red and I don't like the mugs here at the apartment. I was now exhausted. Oh, and you would be so proud of me, we crossed the busy roads about 3x.  I felt a motorcycle, I'm sure we were within inches of each other. As we headed for home we passed Herman Helmerr's (very fun to say) bakery for a Fanta.  We have been discovering lots of bakeries and we have found the Secret Bakery, which is directly behind us in apartment buildings, just that you have to go around to the road and then down a path to her door.  We will be supporting her often.  We had her cinnamon rolls this morning.
the path to the Secret Bakery
We are enjoying making great discoveries. We aren't home yet.  We haven't had a coffee so we stopped at Tamarino's (Tamara Sawatzky-Martens) for a coffee and had chicken wings!  Good and spicey.  It started to rain and we hiked on home. We washed our feet and sandals off at the back tap and now we are home and that is part of life Kathmandu style.  It is Friday night so I believe everyone likes to get out and socialize a bit, but we have no one yet to do that with so it's just John & me for a quiet night in.  I'm probably tired enough that I will fall asleep on the couch, like I did last night!  (and apparently I was snoring! snore?.... nah!!)  It's hard to keep awake until 9 pm.  Namaste
and we're home (blue apartment, 2nd from top)

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