Thursday, 29 September 2011

Why are we here?

This morning I was able to silence the dog (not by physical means) by closing all windows and doors so I slept in a little later like 7 AM but I had a good solid sleep and woke up sore but refreshed.  Sore because yesterday I used my umbrella on two of our treks and the muscle is actually sore from holding the very light thing!  So out of shape.  I also woke up happier in spirit because of the evenings get together with Theresa, who is here just short term with her company work, who had invited us and another couple to her guest house for supper.  We met Tammy & Joe and two of the 4 children who are originally from California but has served in Qatar form many years. Now they've been in Nepal for 2 years and have started a girls home.  Great time and good Indian food.  Crazy alley driving to find the guest house.

John is off this morning to the new site for SDSS to meet with the potential contractors who are bidding on the job.  I hope it will be inciteful for them and John as to who will be awarded the bid.
 I have completed my household chores (of course there's always more that could be done), laundry is on the line and I have a plan for supper, so I thought I'd do a little blogging and bore everyone to sleep. : )

Ah yes, the reason we are here is to build a new facility.  We are amazed with the construction process here, so labour intensive; no big trucks or heavy duty equipment; just hands on, brick by brick, mix up some cement by hand in a large bucket.

We have only visited SDSS once but these pictures may capture why a new facility is needed for the handicapped and recovering patients. Presently they meet in an old carpet factory.  Please pray for the right contractor to be picked and for good weather (we've been having a lot of rain) for the project to begin in December with a ground breaking ceremony planned for Nov. 2nd.

Most of these children are not handicapped but attend church here. Such wonderful joyful children.

Lord, help me to remember, "Why am I here?".
beautiful faces
see any differences?


this woman is deaf
her husband

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