Friday, 14 October 2011

Shop of course!

I have been nudged to keep blogging ( you actually have to be intentional about this).....but goodness, I don't want to bore you to death.

This past week has been focused on shopping and finding the perfect little thing.... and coming home with nothing!  I went out for a small milk pitcher, came home with a small strainer and new top.  We came home with 2 pots for plants (90 rupees for 2!!)

Wait, I have to close all the windows, the neighbor is burning his trash again!  

I went fabric shopping with Cathy, hopefully a new friend.  The fabric is for new covers for our sunbleached rattan furniture.  As you can see from the picture the room looks somewhat bare. Hopefully I'll having it looking homey soon.  A girl has got to feather her nest! 

We made it to Thamel last week Friday when Colleen and her sons arrived to trek.  They were staying in that area.  This is the tourist district so you will find all the things nobody else shops for!  Pashminas, wool knit things, trekking gear, hippie clothes and Hindu/Buddhist souveniers.
see anything that would suit me?

this is kind of off the tourist area..more common

I'm bartaring for this cloth..350 rupees

gave me a chuckle...Farmers Bar!    I sure could use some tips for blogging and posting sutff!  This next week I may be busy being a tourist and visiting the Chitwan National Park or I'll be be busy at home, fussing about with toss cushions and fabric swatches and maybe even painting!!  Namaste

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