Friday, 17 February 2012

Get Away to Thailand Feb 5 -11, 2012

We traveled to Thailand, by air, for a short get away.  After some complications in obtaining actual flights (due to travel agents who couldn't read) the day actually arrived.  Of course we took the long way around because the cost was lower, so fly to Delhi and then Bangkok and a 3 1/2 hour drive to Juniper Tree/Dolphin Bay christian retreat centre.  All went fairly smoothly, lots of baggage checks (we only took carry-on).  The one gal in Kathmandu liked my eyeshadow!  3 check in order to board leaving Kathmandu. Crazy!!

our morning views

main street - pretty quiet

Blue Beach (free internet)
Our goal was just to relax and enjoy the beach and weather.  It was hot!  You sweat just doing nothing!  And relax we did.  We did walk up and down the street.  The internet was down, a storm blown through a few days earlier. So one day we went to Blue Beach Resort for smoothies and Wifi.

 So we relaxed and we relaxed and we relaxed. Until we could not relax anymore. Soaked up the sun.  Here are a few more beach shots
crab activity

around the pool

a man and his hogOff to the next stop.  We zigged and zagged until there it was. The shady spot and lots of fishing boats....the ocean breeze and rotting fish!    To be continued..... I don't like blogging!

 We decided to rent a scooter so we
 could explore further up and down the road and Libby told us about a Thai restaurant and a cool beach spot.  So on Wednesday that's what we did. We didn't even bring any ID (forgot) but found a massage place that was renting scooters.  300 Thai Bhat for all day (24 hours) and away we went (had to gas up though on the main road).  We scooted along the ocean front road and we had to stop for a pop because we were hot and dry. 

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