Friday, 17 February 2012

Thailand #4 - the way home

We left Friday morning knowing we would at least have a half day in Bangkok. The country is very developed and here is one of the first things we see approaching the city. Funny! 

We arrived at our hotel very close to the airport. It may be Convenient but I didn't feel the safest there.  My goal in Bangkok was to take the Skytrain and go downtown and see what we could see.  The taxi was hailed for us and with instructions to take us to the SkyTrain station.  He did not speak a word of English.  He could not find the access to the SkyTrain (passed it 3 times) so we had him take us back to the hotel.  Well, what could we do now except explore the area by foot.  We wandered up a side street and then the main street.  Stopped at a restaurant that looked safe enough to eat at.  Food was great!  We asked a fellow there who spoke English how close we were to the SkyTrain; he replied, '800 metres'!!!!  We were right beside the path to take us there.
We proceeded along the path to be greeted by many children from school being let out. This royal courtyard was along the path with many more buildings and very large fish in the river.
A 15 minute walk and there was the station, 80 TB for both of us, up three flights of stairs (dripping sweat)and we wait for the train.  A 30 minute train ride with about 5 stops and we were at Phaya Thai station downtown. Next what we saw downtown!

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