Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tourists and trying to be a Photographer

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 we decided to be tourists in our own city and went to a World Heritage site called Hanuman-dhoka Durbar Square.  The residence, government offices and temple area of Nepal Kings of centuries gone by.  First of all we were stopped by a guard because we walked past the ticket gate; all tourists must pay.  We tried to argue we lived here and we forgot our passports with our Business visa stamp. The ticket lady conceded and we only had to pay for one ticket.

 We walk alongside the Basantapur Durbar built in 1770.  It has the 9 storey tower.
 This building you can tell is more modern with European style built in 1908.
John being a tourist

top of building where we went for coffee, can you spot the umbrellas?
Degutalle Temple

  Do you spot something here?  The communist party was having a rally that day. The people gathered to listen (below)
Maju Dega

Taleju Temple
 Built in 1564 this is the royal deity of Malla kings. The temple stands 36.6 metres high. This temple is only open once a year during Dashain for the people.
 I liked the red, rounded fabric rustling in the breeze. This was from inside the courtyard.
 Here we are inside the courtyard with the 9 storey tower behind us.
Hanuman Dhoka (Dhoka means gate)

Different people in different positions.
 This tree was huge and of course they couldn't let it just be a tree of grandeur, it had a temple built into it's trunk.

 Would you want to swear the truth to this guy.  That was his role in the government!  He is Bhairav (below)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Downtown Bangkok (last one!)

 Here we are downtown Bangkok exiting off the SkyTrain. I don't know if we are in the heart of downtown.  What to see?  We don't see anything too touristy from the view above.

the sighting of a Starbucks!!!

multi tasking
 Look what we did discover though!  John had a great cup of decaf!
 Loved the color of the taxis....hey girls!
 Had to cross this street, we weaved in between the motor bikes.
I  didn't want to be out after dark so our stay wasn't very long. Up and back a few blocks.
 Our last meal back at the hotel.  They make everything look good and tastes wonderful too.
 A glimpse of the Himalayans from the air and we're off to Nepal.

It's a good thing we made it home that day because our travel agent had actually booked the return for the 10th, the day before.  Jet Airways didn't make a fuss and just put us on the days flight (the 11th).  We had to mentally prepare ourselves returning to Kathmandu; back to the noise, garbage, pollution; but good friends and people and actually being able to speak a little Nepali!!   Thailand by the ocean is a wonderful place to visit.  Wish you could of joined us.  God is good.

Thailand #4 - the way home

We left Friday morning knowing we would at least have a half day in Bangkok. The country is very developed and here is one of the first things we see approaching the city. Funny! 

We arrived at our hotel very close to the airport. It may be Convenient but I didn't feel the safest there.  My goal in Bangkok was to take the Skytrain and go downtown and see what we could see.  The taxi was hailed for us and with instructions to take us to the SkyTrain station.  He did not speak a word of English.  He could not find the access to the SkyTrain (passed it 3 times) so we had him take us back to the hotel.  Well, what could we do now except explore the area by foot.  We wandered up a side street and then the main street.  Stopped at a restaurant that looked safe enough to eat at.  Food was great!  We asked a fellow there who spoke English how close we were to the SkyTrain; he replied, '800 metres'!!!!  We were right beside the path to take us there.
We proceeded along the path to be greeted by many children from school being let out. This royal courtyard was along the path with many more buildings and very large fish in the river.
A 15 minute walk and there was the station, 80 TB for both of us, up three flights of stairs (dripping sweat)and we wait for the train.  A 30 minute train ride with about 5 stops and we were at Phaya Thai station downtown. Next what we saw downtown!

Thailand - Part 3

After the Thai food, we decided to go just a little further along the coast line and we could tell the area was getting nicer, as in the buildings.  There were some pretty nice looking resorts.  I had noticed a Park sign, what a wonderful discovery!  The majesty of God's creation!

We had a nice afternoon at this beach, John came back with some slurpees and then we scooted back to Juniper Tree.
my rock


Thailand - Part 2

So we scooted off in search of the Thai restaurant.  Around a few corners and there it was!

We  had some great lunch and great views. 
fishing boats, Thailand

 a little nap and we're off again

to be continued........

Get Away to Thailand Feb 5 -11, 2012

We traveled to Thailand, by air, for a short get away.  After some complications in obtaining actual flights (due to travel agents who couldn't read) the day actually arrived.  Of course we took the long way around because the cost was lower, so fly to Delhi and then Bangkok and a 3 1/2 hour drive to Juniper Tree/Dolphin Bay christian retreat centre.  All went fairly smoothly, lots of baggage checks (we only took carry-on).  The one gal in Kathmandu liked my eyeshadow!  3 check in order to board leaving Kathmandu. Crazy!!

our morning views

main street - pretty quiet

Blue Beach (free internet)
Our goal was just to relax and enjoy the beach and weather.  It was hot!  You sweat just doing nothing!  And relax we did.  We did walk up and down the street.  The internet was down, a storm blown through a few days earlier. So one day we went to Blue Beach Resort for smoothies and Wifi.

 So we relaxed and we relaxed and we relaxed. Until we could not relax anymore. Soaked up the sun.  Here are a few more beach shots
crab activity

around the pool

a man and his hogOff to the next stop.  We zigged and zagged until there it was. The shady spot and lots of fishing boats....the ocean breeze and rotting fish!    To be continued..... I don't like blogging!