Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tourists and trying to be a Photographer

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 we decided to be tourists in our own city and went to a World Heritage site called Hanuman-dhoka Durbar Square.  The residence, government offices and temple area of Nepal Kings of centuries gone by.  First of all we were stopped by a guard because we walked past the ticket gate; all tourists must pay.  We tried to argue we lived here and we forgot our passports with our Business visa stamp. The ticket lady conceded and we only had to pay for one ticket.

 We walk alongside the Basantapur Durbar built in 1770.  It has the 9 storey tower.
 This building you can tell is more modern with European style built in 1908.
John being a tourist

top of building where we went for coffee, can you spot the umbrellas?
Degutalle Temple

  Do you spot something here?  The communist party was having a rally that day. The people gathered to listen (below)
Maju Dega

Taleju Temple
 Built in 1564 this is the royal deity of Malla kings. The temple stands 36.6 metres high. This temple is only open once a year during Dashain for the people.
 I liked the red, rounded fabric rustling in the breeze. This was from inside the courtyard.
 Here we are inside the courtyard with the 9 storey tower behind us.
Hanuman Dhoka (Dhoka means gate)

Different people in different positions.
 This tree was huge and of course they couldn't let it just be a tree of grandeur, it had a temple built into it's trunk.

 Would you want to swear the truth to this guy.  That was his role in the government!  He is Bhairav (below)